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In this Risk Management course, participants will work through the proactive approach to threat and opportunity—based on a clear understanding of the powerful nature of both qualitative and quantitative approaches to risk management.Risk Management examines threat and opportunity from both a topdown and bottomup perspective using Stratex’s proven eight-step risk management process. Using effective tools, including Stratex’s highly regarded risk assessment model, participants will learn how to evaluate and respond to risk at the project and task levels.You will Learn how to:- Use a practical, eight-step process to manage project risk- Identify threats and opportunities and weigh their relative value in their project- Control multiple risks using limited strategies- Overcome psychological barriers to risk in stakeholders and team members- Make risk and opportunity integral components of their next project plan

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Baku Higher Oil School is extremely pleased to have as our partner, Twenty Eighty Strategy Execution Company, involved in the delivery of the training courses with a mission to develop our country’s human resources in the sphere of project management.
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