First groups of SPM at BHOS complete the course
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School of Project Management (SPM) continues its activities at Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS). It has been established in cooperation between British companyTwentyEighty Strategy Execution(Stratex), and BP and its partners.

Representatives of state organizations and private companies express a strong interest in study at SPM, which helps the students obtain theoretical and practical knowledge of various aspects of project management.Upon successful completion of the study, the trainees are awarded with Master certificate from the George Washington University (the USA). At the moment, the participants of the SPM’s first groups namely Stream 16 and Stream 17 are on the final stage of the program. Having started classes in May and July 2017 respectively, they pass the last module out of seven modules comprising the training program. The participants have already made their choice between two options, which includePMP (Project Management Professional) PreparationandNegotiation Skills for Project Managersmodules.

ThePMP Exam Preparationmodule is conducted by Stratex's professional instructor Didier Estibal, andNegotiation Skills for Project Managersis conducted by George Sifry. The former module, which lasts four days, focuses on topics such as project management, time management, quality management, budget management, labor management, risk management, communication management and a test exam on these topics. The latter module allows the participants to learn how to use advanced methods of restoring frozen negotiations, using competitive and collective negotiation strategies, carrying out effective negotiable skills for effective cost and graphic implementation, and to develop collaborative relationships and management strategies critical for the projects.

It should be noted that the participants of the SPM’s two groups include senior managers of BHOS, SOCAR, BP, Pasha Insurance, Atlantic Waves Solutions, Pasha Holding, Pasha Life Insurance, Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population, SOCAR Polymer, Azersu, Worley Parsons, CNFA and CBMC. This, in turn, once again confirms the need in preparation of national professional project managers for various spheres.

Stream 18 group of the School of Project Management has already started their training course, and registration of new groups of the participants has commenced

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Baku Higher Oil School is extremely pleased to have as our partner, Twenty Eighty Strategy Execution Company, involved in the delivery of the training courses with a mission to develop our country’s human resources in the sphere of project management.
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